Thursday, August 18, 2011

Party Night!

Tonight was shoe club party night! We were at McGreevy's on Boylston Street in Boston- it is the nation's oldest sports bar. We had the downstairs section to ourselves. The venue donated appetizers and they created a delicious signature cocktail for us. We had our pink carpet out and we got to debut our new Smiling Stiletto sign- which I have to admit I'm rather in love with! I had printed at Staples and I bought one of those terrific stands which folds up easily and can be carried around in a little bag. The sign has our logo and tagline "Do your shoes make you smile?" and our website. Now that we have our new logo, website, business cards, signs- it feels official.

It is funny how different it is from just attending shoe club events to organizing events. It is two very different experiences. I've loved coming to shoe club events since my very first one in 2007- it was fun hanging out, showing off my shoes- I even won prizes a couple of times, meeting people- I'm met one of my closest friends at Shoe Club. I never imagined that one day I would take over the group. I love organizing our events now. I enjoy the planning, contacting venues and creating the vision for the party. I don't particularly mind the work of sending out the email invitations. Of course, the events themselves are the best part- it is fun to greet members, chat with everyone and check out the fabulous shoes. My favorite part is taking photos and then just taking a minute and looking around and seeing everyone enjoying themselves- that makes me very happy. The pink carpet walk-off is always a blast to watch and then it is great to see how happy the girls are who win prizes. On the other side is that there is pressure with every event- you want to create a fun event and get a good turnout- not only for the shoe club's sake, but also so that the venue is happy and wants to have you back. As the host, you want to greet everyone and make sure that members feel comfortable. You want to introduce people to each other, especially new members. Then there is also the logistics of getting to the venue ahead of time, dropping off the pink carpet and other items, parking, then setting up so everything is ready for start time. It doesn't sound like a lot and compared to the date auction and other events, it isn't much work- but there definitely is a certain amount of pressure associated with running the events.

Well friends, that's it for tonight. It is 1am and I am off to bed. I posted photos on our Smiling Stiletto Facebook page, they will be on our website soon too. Until next time..

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