Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Great Red Shoe Soiree

Greetings friends and shoe lovers! So what's new? Well, we had a wonderful annual event last week, our Red Shoe Soiree at Vlora.  Luckily, we had the event the night before the blizzard, where people could still come out and have fun without having to deal with snow. The event was a lot of fun. We had shoe designer, Thom Solo, who showcased some of his latest shoes. He brought two models with him that wore gorgeous clothes and jewelry which made for two fantastic looks. He also donated a gorgeous pair of shoes that we auctioned off during a live auction. One of our long time members bought the the shoes. We also had a local designer, Bondij by Blondi who showcased some of her latest fashions. We had some of our members model in a pink carpet fashion show. ShoeBuy.Com donated a gift certificate for the Best-in-Shoe prize and I also had a pair of shoe earrings that I gave for a prize. Here is a photo of Thom, the shoe designer and his models. My sister Eve who is close friends with Thom came to the event as well- she's in the photo.

Here is another terrific photos of our Smiling Stiletto members who modeled in the fashion show portion.
This photo is from Jolie Lune photographer.  They attended on behalf of Bondij. Our photographer, Walter, was there too. I can't wait to see his pictures. We should have them soon. Here is a picture of Bondij designer Dionne (far left) and the models along with her brother and business partner.
When we get our photos, I'll post them on our FB page. Here is the link to the rest of the photos from Jolie Lune photography.

We had the event at Vlora which is a great venue. They donate excellent appetizers and they have a wonderful private function room.

I was so glad that I brought the backdrop with me. I was feeling a little lazy in the afternoon and thought about not bringing it. It takes a little while to set-up and you have to load/unload- it's a lot more effort than just bringing our sign.  However, we have the backdrop precisely for events like this. Obviously, we don't need to bring it to every event, but for larger events like this with a fashion show, it is important that we bring it. It adds to the event and it makes for great photographs. Sometimes, you have to remind yourself not to be lazy. I was so grateful that I made the effort to bring the backdrop. I love the photographs that we have so far!

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I promise to blog again soon. There are so many fun things to share! Until next time friends...