Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Little Girl with Shiny Red Shoes

This blog has got me thinking about my life in shoes, particularly about my earliest shoe memories. One memory that stands out is when I begged my dad to buy me a pair of shiny red patent shoes. I don't remember how old I was- probably around 7 or 8. I don't remember what store he bought them in, probably Ann & Hope. But I remember trying them on in the store and my dad pressing down on the shoes where my toes were, trying to see if the shoes were big enough. The shoes were definitely too small, but I wanted them so badly that I told my dad they felt fine. I think he knew they were too small because he kept asking me, even when we got home and I was trying them on again, but I kept insisting they fit perfectly. I remember standing next to my bed and looking down and admiring my adorable red shiny shoes. I remember how they pinched my toes, but I ignored it- all for fashion! They were just simple flats, I don't remember them having a bow or anything, but they were shiny and red. The funny thing is that I don't remember wearing them very often, probably because they were too small!

I don't remember a pair of shoes that I had in elementary school that I thought were super cool. Before I describe them- remember this was the late eighties, actually it might have been 1990, since it could have been 5th grade. I had a pair of silver tennis sneakers which had glitter all over them. Oh, how I loved those sneakers! I remember sitting on the floor in gym class (which I always despised), my legs stretched out in front of me and I was quietly admiring my glitter tennis shoes. It made gym class almost OK because I could run around in my favorite shoes! I even got compliments from the other kids on my sneakers, which was something because I always dressed differently from the other kids and was not exactly known as one of the 'cool kids'.

Well, that's it for my shoe stories for tonight. It's fun trying to remember the shoes of my childhood! Until next time...

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