Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fashion Show Success

I can't believe I haven't blogged since August! It has been busy times over here- we had our first Smiling Stiletto fashion show at Copley Place on September 22. It was a big success! One of our shoe club members Christine did most of the organizing, she did a great job. Copley Place hosted and they were very helpful in getting stores on board to showcase their fashions and setting up the stage and event area and organized really nice gift bags for all the guests. We had to cap the tickets at 125, we sold out the week before and had so many calls and emails from people who were looking for tickets. What a wonderful problem to have! Our event tied into Boston Fashion Week which helped increase attendance as well. We raised $1,800 for Project Smile and $500 for the Simon Youth Foundation which is the Copley Place charity of choice. I got Lisa Donovan from Kiss 108 to host the event. She did a great job and said so many nice things about Project Smile. The show had been going on for a few years with Hello Stiletto, this was our first time running it as a Smiling Stiletto event. I definitely want to do it again and the mall said they would like to have it again as well. We have some great photos on our Smiling Stiletto FB page and on our website. Paula Dias and Pino Domenico volunteered their time and photographed the event. I usually have to do all the event planning for Smiling Stiletto and Project Smile so it was great to have someone else who did the event planning. It is quite a bit of work to organize the fashion show. I was really happy that Christine did such a good job. Christine got Skinny Girl Margaritas on board to provide complimentary cocktails and Cameron Hughes wine. We also had Cabot Cheese, Legal Seafoods appetizers and Sweet M's Bake Shop cupcakes. I modeled in it as well- I wore Cache, Elie Tahari and BeBe. It is a lot of fun to model in the shows. We get to have our hair and make up done, then strut down the catwalk showing off our sexy clothes- what can be better than that?? In other personal shoe news- I need to get a comfy pair of attractive winter shoes that I can wear every day. I bought my very first pair of Clark's sandals this spring and I love them, but sandal weather is quickly coming to an end (I went to Niagara Falls over the weekend where sandal weather has long since disappeared). I have two pairs of shoes that I was planning on wearing as my every day winter shoes, but they are not very comfortable- I feel like I don't walk properly in them. I tried on some winter shoes at Clark's last month, but didn't find anything that felt right. I want to go back and have another look or find another comfy attractive pair of shoes which are reasonably priced. Let me know if you have suggestions please! I promise I won't take so long before blogging again. I enjoy my Smiling Stiletto blog and I'm going to write more frequently. Until next time friends..

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