Thursday, March 1, 2012

Miles in my Boots

Today, boots are on my mind- not cute, sexy boots that come in all sorts of fancy colors and styles- all meant to make the wearer look sophisticated, hot and ready to be taken to bed, but the tough, kick-ass, all weather, sturdy boots which will take you miles. These boots only come out of my closet when it snows- the other boots get significantly more air time. I have one pair of sturdy, water proof boots- a black pair of Timberlands that I bought in 2000. The funny thing is that although I barely wear them, I love my Timerberlands because I know that they will take me anywhere. I may look sexy in my high heel boots, but they won't take me very far and when I wear them, I calculate exactly how much time I will have to spend walking and standing before deciding to wear them. Of course, if it is raining- the pretty boots remain sheltered. The sturdy boots only come out when the weather is rough.

I bought my Timberlands when I was still in school at Hunter College. I had a pair of winter boots, but I had them for a while and my feet were getting soaked in them. I didn't have much money, but it was winter and I really needed a new pair of boots. I remember walking in Manhattan, thinking about getting boots, but not wanting to spend money. I think I was near Herald Square and I walked into what I remember was a Sports Authority- but it might have been Lady Foot Locker- either way, it was a store that sold more sneakers than boots. I stared at the boots and finally decided to try on a pair of black Timerblands. They were very comfortable and exactly what I needed given all the walking that I did in NYC and it was the winter. However, they were $70. When I was in college, I spent very little on clothes and shoes. The most that I had ever spent was $35 on New Balance sneakers when my old ones wore out. I was pretty much always in sneakers when I was in college. I stood in the store debating for what it seemed like forever about getting the shoes. The $70 felt like a fortune- I couldn't actually afford it. Finally, I decided to get them- I knew I was going to have them for ages and that they were good quality. I wore them that winter and when I moved back to MA they came with me. After I graduated and left New York, I stopped being a sneakers girl and I barely wore my Timberlands. They still only come out when it snows and I have to shovel or when the streets are so wet and slushy, those boots are the only choice. The boots are far from unattractive- they are not feminine, but they are decent looking ankle boots.

I wore them this morning when I was shoveling and later doing errands. When I put them on this morning, it dawned on me how empowered I feel when I wear my Timberlands. There is something to be said when you put on a pair of shoes and you know that they won't make your feet hurt, they will look after you- keeping your feet dry and protected and if you get into trouble, you can give someone a pretty mean kick with them. Every other pair of shoes that I own (besides sneakers), have a limit on them on how long they can be worn without pain, but with my Timberlands there is no limit.

So there you go my friends- an ode to my Timbies. Perhaps I should wear them more often, but it's also enough to know that they are there- sitting in my closet for when the travel gets rough.

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