Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dashing in Heels

I haven't blogged since October- oh no! Things have been going great with Smiling Stiletto. Tomorrow night is the huge Shimmer and Shine Shoe Ball which benefits the Accelerated Cure Project for MS. It is an event that shoe club founder Melissa started years ago and it is a lovely event. The Accelerated Cure Project does all of the work for the event. We help promote it to Smiling Stiletto members. The event is at the Liberty Hotel and it is sold out, which is great. I'm going to be one of the shoe judges. That will be fun, but I know it will be very hard to choose. There are going to be so many pairs of gorgeous shoes!

So what's been happening lately? Well, we have had some great events going on. On November 3, we had a party at Vlora in Boston which was sponsored by Marshalls. Marshalls displayed a great collection of fall shoes and boots, along with accessories and a couple of outfits. They played a 'guess the price' game and they gave away 3 great prizes to the guests who guessed the closest Marshalls price to an outfit. They gave away a beautiful cashmere scarf, designer sunglasses and a Michael Kors purse. Every guest received a Marshalls gift card and they also got an additional gift card if they filled out a survey. Instead of the usual pink carpet shoe walk-off that we do, Marshalls brought their blue carpet for the walk off and they donated a gift card for the best shoe winner. Vlora donated appetizers as well. It was so much fun- I got a ton of great feedback. I would love to work with them again.

Last month, we also participated in a style swap where guests brought clothing, accessories and shoes and got to swap the items for other fun items. I'm actually wearing the Express zip-up hoodie that I got at the swap right now. I traded a top that was cute, but I hadn't worn it in years and I got this comfy zip up which I've been wearing around the house.

I've been planning our events next year- we are going to be a lot of fun stuff. Our spring and fall fashion shows at Copley are planned for April and September. Our annual Red Shoe Soiree will be near Valentine's Day at Vlora. We will be doing our annual ladies night event at California Closets in May- and that's just the beginning. It is so much fun to come up with new shoe club events.

We have some great photos on our Smiling Stiletto FB page, you can check them out at:

Well friends, that's it for tonight. I promise to blog more frequently- there is so much to write about! Here is a great photo of some of the models from our Fall into Fashion Show, courtesy of Emily Wilson.

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