Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Exciting Events

Well friends, I was on track for a little bit with blogging on a regular basis, but failed greatly since the winter. Once again, I am recommitting to blogging regularly- it's not like there is nothing to write about! So, the last few months have been really busy with awesome events. The biggest event was our sold out spring fashion show at Copley Place in April which was hosted by Jackie Bruno of NECN. This was our best event ever! Copley did an awesome job with the fashions and the food/beverage vendors were excellent- there was a plentiful amount of delicious food and drinks. This was definitely our best show so far.  Here is a photo of some of our models wearing their spring outfits.
I'm really excited for our fall show during Boston Fashion Week- aptly titled The Show. It will be at an awesome new venue, the Harborside Inn on State Street in Boston. The venue is donating the space and we will be bringing in outside food vendors. We're working with an event planner who reached out to us to work on an event. She is donating her services which is great. I can't wait for this event!

So, I can't write a shoe club blog without writing about what shoes are on my tootsies. For the last 2 summers, I practically glued my feet into a pair of Clark's platform sandals. They were amazing and I loved them, but they are now a little worn out, so they are relegated to the rain. Clark's no longer had the same style available and I wasn't a fan of their new styles. Most of their new sandals have ankle straps which don't fit me properly- the buckle rubs the little bone that sticks out on my ankle. SO- I switched over to my next favorite comfy shoe brand- Aerosoles. Their black sandals with a 2 inch heel are now my go-to summer shoes. They are cute enough to wear out for work and socializing and best of all- I can walk a decent distance in them! As everyone knows- cute and comfy rarely go together in describing shoes. I snagged these shoes for only about $29 at Marshall's. I was in the Fenway Marshall's a couple of weeks ago and they had a very similar pair on sale for only $20, so I plucked those ones up too. Their shoes don't last very long, but given the price- that isn't a big deal.  It takes a few wears to break the shoes in, but after that they are great.

Well friends, that's the latest for tonight. I promise to blog again next week. I am committing to blogging at least once a week. There is always lots to write about! Until then.. happy tootsies!

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